• Jose Martin Jr.


On the strength of a huge year for his stable's star - Come Dancing; Carlos Martin Racing closed out 2019, earning a career high for clients totaling $1,977,548 in purses.

Being no stranger to success, especially for a moderate public operation, Carlos has broken $1 Million in earnings 11 times in the last 15 years - establishing his reputation for consistency & excellence in a sport filled with pitfalls for less experienced conditioners.

Thank you to every one of our loyal & passionate clients who trust us to care for & race their valuable horses every year.

Special Thanks To:

Marc & Sheree Holliday

John & Denise Sperando

Mark & Lori Collinsworth

Mandy & Michael Laderer

Christine Goosens & Don Henderson

John Caputo

Richard DelPonte

Matthew Schera

Sam Herzberg

Patricia Pavlish

Jay Orringer

Jack Bick

Steve Linden

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our longtime employees who have dedicated their talent & love to every horse that has come through our stable. These outstanding men & women are the backbone of Carlos Martin Racing, without whom, our success would not be possible.

Special Recognition To Employees:

Adrian Velazquez

Macario Bravo

Federico Torres

Manuel Herrera

Jose Herrera

Ricardo Cisterna

Roberta Valencia

Jose Cuti

Francisco Tapia

Sergio Garrido

Nelson Estay

Armando Garcia

Giovanni Navarro

Ignacio Hernandez

Waldo Velazquez

Nohemi Moya

Arikle Amaya

Memorial Tribute:

Guadalupe Rebolledo

(Assistant Trainer; 2000 through 2019)

12/12/1959 to 4/12/2019 (Rest In Peace)